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Announcement of Pirate World Renewal-2017/8/9

To improve your gaming experience, all servers of Pirate World will have maintenance at 0:00am on August.9th, 2017 UTC-5. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 60 minutes.

1. Diamond Wheel event is online from August 9th to August 15th.



A. You will get one chance to spin wheel every 150 diamond you recharge.


B. All rewards in the wheel are diamond pack, and you can claim them immediately.


C. There is no limited times for this event. Every 150 you recharge, you will get one chance to spin wheel.


D. Please finish your spin during the event. After event end, your spin times will be cleared.



2. Shopper Prize event is online from August 9th to August 15th.



During the event, both your total diamonds recharge and spend meet the requirement, you can claim the reward in the event panel. Each reward can be only claimed once.



3. Smash egg event is online from August 9th to August 15th.



A. You can get rewards and obtain score by smashing the egg!


B. The player who break the score boundary will get personal rewards, all players in the server will get server rewards as well.



4. Carnival of consume event is online from August 9th to August 15th.


A. In the event panel, you need to add item to shopping cart before buy it.


B. Every item is discounted and limited.


C. More items in your shopping cart, more discount will be given.


D. The items will be refreshed, please grab the chance.



5. Ascend event is online from August 9th to August 15th.


A. Click ‘start’ to jump to a grid on random and obtain the item in the grid, if the content is up arrow, climb up.


B. Reach the summit and get prize, then restart from the very beginning.


C. The floors rank will base on the total floors you climb during event period.


D. Each player has one chance for free to climb every day. After that, it needs diamond to continue climbing.


E. The climb progress will be reset to the 1st floor each day.



6. Winter showdown event is online from August 9th to August 15th.


A. Click character to shoot the basket. You have 10 times to shoot by spending gold each day. After that you need spend diamond to continue.


B. When you shoot ball in the basket, you will get score and reward. If you miss the basket, you also will get a memorial chest. After your daily score reach the certain amount, you can claim daily prize in the right of event panel. Please claim your prize before daily reset.


C. You will obtain corresponding medals after opening bronze, silver, golden chest. Medals can be used to exchange item in shop.


D. You will be on the rank list when you collect enough medals during the event. The rank reward will be sent to you by system mail.



7. Slot machine event is online from August 9th to August 15th.



A. Draw once for free every day.


B. Participation gift will be granted if there is no identical pattern.


C. An additional free attempt will be granted if 2 identical patterns appear.


D. Super gift pack will be granted if 3 identical patterns appear.


E. All the prize will be stored temporarily in gift warehouse.


F. Unclaimed prize in warehouse will be sent by mail after the event ends.


G. Every draw will obtain 20 points, which can be used for open chest when reach a certain number