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Announcement of Pirate World Renewal-2017/11/08

To improve your gaming experience, all servers of Pirate World will have maintenance at 0:00am on November.8th, 2017 UTC-5. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 60 minutes.

1.       Lucky Charm event is online from November 8th to November 21st.



A.      During the event, players can obtain charm by completing certain game event each day. Obtain 3 charms when every 1 diamond you spend.


B.      Charm can be used to exchange item in charm shop.


C.      You could get into the rank by obtaining at least 15000 charms during the event. The rank reward will be sent to your system mail after event end.


2.       Navy Supply event is online from November 8th to November 14th.  



A.       Every 100 diamonds recharged will receive a Treasure Exchange Card.


B.       Treasure Exchange Card can be used to exchange rare items in the event.


C.       The card amount will be reset the next day at 0:00, please claim it timely.


D.      Recharge at BBG101 (official site) will receive a BBG Exclusive Pack if your amount reaches a certain number.



   3.  Cupid event is online from November 8th to November 14th.   



    A.  You will obtain bless chance after recharge diamond.

    B.  You can bless by using bless chance and spending diamond.

    C.  You will obtain amounts of diamond after bless.

    D.  Bless chance will not be reset during the event.

    E.  Please notice that the diamond you spend in this event will not be counted in other events.


4.       Nami’s Gift event is online from November 8th to November 15th.  


 A.      You can claim the reward after your single recharge reaches the certain amount.


B.      The rewards are different during the event.


C.      You can only claim one reward that is close to your recharge number for your every single recharge.




5.       Slot machine event is online from November 8th to November 14th.  



    A.  Draw once for free every day.

    B.  Participation gift will be granted if there is no identical pattern.

    C.   An additional free attempt will be granted if 2 identical patterns appear.

    D.  Super gift pack will be granted if 3 identical patterns appear.

    E.  All the prize will be stored temporarily in gift warehouse.

    F.  Unclaimed prize in warehouse will be sent by mail after the event ends.

    G.  Every draw will obtain 20 points, which can be used for open chest when      reach a certain number


6.       Joyous Day event is online from November 8th to November 14th.  


A.        Each round has 9 cards and only 1 card or 3 cards can be draw, select cards then click the "draw" button to get reward hidden in card.


B.        Draw a card can get 35 points, collect points to get ranking prize, prize will be sent via mail after event ends.


    7.  Beauty's Gift event is online from November 8th to November    14th.  



    A.  Player can buy the items in order on the event panel with lower price. There are twelve items in all.

    B.  The progress of items you bought will be reset at 0:00 next day.

8.       Ascend event is online from November 8th to November 14th.  



A.      Click ‘start’ to jump to a grid on random and obtain the item in the grid, if the content is up arrow, climb up.


B.      Reach the summit and get prize, then restart from the very beginning.


C.      The floors rank will base on the total floors you climb during event period.


D.      Each player has one chance for free to climb every day. After that, it needs diamond to continue climbing.


E.       The climb progress will be reset to the 1st floor each day.

9.       Add pink quality pet into game: polar pilot.

10.   Lower meteorite can be used to merge advanced meteorite in “Merge”.